NRG Expert New Reports

NRG Expert has published a series of new reports in recent weeks as part of our ongoing product updates and expanding portfolio. The highlight of the new reports to be published has to be our Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report and Database. This database is a marquee product in our collection and provides an in-depth look at the Transmission and Distribution Markets around the world. Elements such as line lengths, Annual Demand for Cables, Electricity Transmission and Distribution CapEx, Interconnections, Network Voltages, and many more all feature in this product.

A lot of hard work has gone into this product and every year we provide an update showcasing the latest figures in the industry. The data allows users to review industry players and their position in the sector. It provides forecasts to 2019, calculates line lengths and outlines energy infrastructure options available to increase energy efficiency, such as demand for new transformers, utility automation, or power systems.

Not to be outshone by Transmission and Distribution other reports that we have released analyse and describe the global Coal and Hydropwer generating sectors. Each of these reports features in-depth analysis as well as a global look at challenges and trends for these industries. The reports are accompanied by an elaborate database featuring on-the-ground level detail of the sectors on a country-by-country basis.

These reports are only the latest in a series of a wide range of publications and insights that NRG Expert is able to offer. Have a look at our catalogue or don’t hesitate to call us for more information regarding our products or bespoke report options. We are always happy to assist and will work with you to find the best product to answer and fulfil your data needs.


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