Saudi Aramco and Sonatrach

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is Saudi Arabia’s state-owned oil and gas company. Up until 2009 the majority of natural gas production was associated with oil production. However, in 2009 non-associated natural gas production exceeded association natural gas production. Overall production of natural gas has increased from 1.65 bcf of natural gas per day in 1981 to 9.4 bcf per day in 2010.

Natural gas is produced for the domestic market and NGLs are exported. By 2020 Saudi Aramco has targeted over 13 bcf of natural gas production per day. There are plans for the commissioning of the Karan non-associated offshore gas field. It will deliver 1.8 bcf of natural gas via a 110-km subsea pipeline to the Khursaniyah Gas Plant. First flow took place in 2011 and the plant was commissioned in 2012. Other offshore natural gas fields developed include the Hasbah and Arabiyah natural gas fields. The Karan gas serves growing domestic demand for industrial fuel and feedstocks, desalination and electric power generation.


Sonatrach is Algeria’s state-owned oil and gas company. The company is ranked the 6th company worldwide in terms of natural gas production and reserves and 4th in terms of LNG exports. In 2009 and 2010 new oil and gas discoveries were 16 and 29 respectively. This includes the Oued Mya basin which contains natural gas (50%), oil (14%) and other hydrocarbons (36%).

Natural gas produced is transported to Europe via the Enrico Matei pipeline (links between Algeria and Italy via Tunisia), and Pedro Duran Farrel pipeline (links between Algerian and Spain via Morocco). Three natural gas pipeline projects are at various stages of development: Medgaz project (connects Beni-Saf Algeria to Spain), Galsi (connects El Kala, Algeria to Castglionne Della Pescaia, Northern Rome, Italy via Sardinia) and the TSGP project (connects Warri, Nigeria with a natural gas terminal on the Nigerian coast).

It is involved in several third country natural gas projects including the exploration of natural gas fields.


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