Energy Expert Witness Service


Energy Expert Witness Service


When it comes to energy disputes, nothing strengthens your case like a testimony from an expert. Here at NRG Expert, we provide just that, an expert witness who will work in tandem with your internal litigation or regulatory teams. With plenty of experience appearing before courts of every level in the UK, US, Canada EU and more, you can be sure of a professional attitude and quality output from us at all times.


How Can We Help You?


Our expert witness service provides a range of resources for those dealing with litigation or arbitration, including independent research, analytical support and expert testimony. Many of the cases we assist with deal with general litigation, securities or regulatory matters. When you choose to work with us, you will receive unbiased, expert insight and assessments that are presented with clarity.


In the past NRG Expert has provided valuable advice to help with dispute resolution concerning an array of different topics, such as energy infrastructure, pricing and contract matters. With some of our experts also being lawyers, we have a solid understanding of the complex workings of the legal world, particularly with regards to its application to the energy field. We can help clients build air-tight cases for high-value commercial disputes using our broad range of expertise in energy pricing and market analysis.


Typically, we assist clients with proceedings that involves CAPEX & OPEX, market prices, contract terms and conditions – including breach of contract issues and rate cases. For the latter we look closely and assist with the three main regulatory areas: public utility commissions, rate case interveners, and utility management. Insofar as our testimonies are concerned, we have experience providing expert testimony on a myriad of issues. The issues include insolvency and restructuring, valuations, contract litigation, damages, audits, procurement and regulatory proceedings.


How Do We Do It?


NRG Expert has a huge wealth of resources at its disposal and we endeavour to constantly seek out new and innovative ways to put them to use. Of paramount significance is our energy reports, databases and models that we use to form and back up analyses of energy markets and global pricing. This forms part of the analytical support that we provide our clients. This industry data is also pivotal to helping us provide clients with well-researched expert testimonies based on historical, contemporary and forecasted energy industry information and data.


When you choose to work with NRG Expert you are choosing to put your case in the hands of experts who scour their vast library of knowledge and resources to help you build an excellent commercial case. These experts have gained a reputation for the strength of their abilities and are ready to be at your disposal as you navigate the complexities of your energy litigation or arbitration.


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