What is Talking Energy?

Talking Energy is the only publication you need to fuel your interest in the energy industry. Written by a team of professionals at NRG Expert, this free newsletter is jam-packed with useful information about a range of key energy topics. Not only does it provide valuable insight for those looking to learn more about the energy sector, but it is written in a user-friendly way, making it accessible to everyone, even if you don’t have a background in energy.


So what exactly will you get from reading Talking Energy? Well, the main purpose of the newsletter is to update its readers about the global energy markets. You can review our data for free with data of the month http://www.nrgexpert.com/data-of-the-month/

In addition to this information, the newsletter often has details of events taking place in the energy world that are bound to be of interest to energy enthusiasts as well as a list of some of the more prominent energy-related headlines from around the world. Not enough? Talking Energy also includes information about energy market share prices – crucial data for anyone looking to invest in the sector. Sectors that are covered within the newsletter include: Power and Infrastructure; Metering & Smart Grid; Utility Guides; Fossil Fuel & Conventional Energy; Renewable Energy; Water & Waste; and Finance & Regulatory.


In addition to the wealth of information about news topics and other pertinent energy issues, Readers of Talking Energy will also have the opportunity to learn all about the Global Energy Certification – a valuable qualification for anyone looking to break into the energy sector or hoping to build on their existing set of skills and knowledge. When it comes to making a strong career move, taking a qualification like this one is invaluable.


Whether you are a professional in the energy field or are just interested in learning a bit more about the industry, Talking Energy is a fantastic and easy way to get clued up about all things energy. Oh and did we mention it’s completely free?


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