About NRG Expert

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Simply put, NRG Expert is a company that provides energy market research and intelligence. It compiles reports containing thousands of lines of energy data, which are then sold to leading companies around the world. But, what do these businesses do with this information? The research and information provided by NRG Expert helps these companies make important but difficult decisions about their energy infrastructure and projects and assists them in developing business strategies. With this high quality, reliable data and analysis at their disposal, much of which cannot be found elsewhere, companies are at an advantage over their competitors. This information, in brief, moves businesses up a rung on the ladder to success.


Melany Krangle, formerly of ABS Energy Research, heads the company. After ABS closed down, Krangle used her decade of experience in the energy research sector to start up NRG Expert. Her expertise in providing customers with energy consulting, market forecasts and general energy market research put her in good stead to create a brand new company that could carry on what ABS started.


Among the numerous reports and databases that have been compiled at NRG Expert, customers will find information on gas & oil, renewable energy, water & waste and electricity to name but a few. All of the information has been expertly acquired from our trusted sources by our team of analysts. Our energy market database has intelligence and research on over 210 countries and can be easily accessed through our online browser.


Occasionally, providing businesses with data is not enough. Sometimes companies need our help to understand what this research can do for them. In this case, NRG Expert can step in as a consultant. Our experts can carry out bespoke energy projects for our clients in order to help them make the best choices for their business.


In addition to providing reports and data, NRG Expert goes the extra mile to help its clients. One important part of our practice is our expert witness service. If you have an energy related legal dispute and you need someone to provide expert testimony, NRG Expert is well equipped to do so. Many of our team members have legal backgrounds which, when combined with their energy knowledge, makes them quite a formidable force.


NRG Expert is an approachable company with an array of services dedicated to helping you make the right choices for your business. Our team of analysts can provide research reports, act as expert witnesses and guide your company through the complex maze that is the energy market.



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