The New 2017 T&D Report and Database

NRG Expert has just released its 7th edition of its annual Transmission and Distribution (T&D) Report and Database. For those who are unsure of the significance of these documents, the report and database are essential resources for businesses on the brink of making important decisions in the electricity T&D market. A huge wealth of information is contained within the report and database – information that has been meticulously gathered by the analysts at NRG Expert from a vast range of reliable and credible sources.


The industry analysis that NRG Expert has compiled in the report and database forecasts data all the way up until 2021. This works to give companies an accurate idea of how certain key sectors of the industry will develop over the next four years. The valuable information is contained within the database, which is the main focus of the product on offer.


Contained within the database is a Global Data Summary that consists of three tabs: Annual Demand, Line Lengths and Capex. Briefly, the Annual Demand tab gives an overview of actual demand in 2016 by region and by country and forecasts from 2017-2021. Line Lengths offers a global overview of the total line length that was installed in both the transmission and distribution categories. Once again it shows actual figures for 2016 and a forecast from 2017-2021. Finally, Capex is the same as the previous tabs but shows capital expenditure in the T&D industry.


Moving on in the database and we have the Regional Files. NRG Expert has compiled information on 180 different countries, which are grouped into nine regions. Each region file has a tab for company listings within the T&D sector in that region and a breakdown of the Annual Demand and Capex figures for each of the countries within the region. These are then followed by an individual tab for each of the countries in the region, which contain detailed information about its national T&D industry.


There are 180 different country profiles in total and they all contain seven different sections of data. These are as follows:


  • Transmission2 and Distribution line-length (installed KMs) data:
  • Capex (2016 actuals forecast to 2021 in 2016USD) data:
  • Annual Demand (2016 actuals forecast to 2021 in 2016 USD) data:
  • Generation Capacity (Installed MW Capacity) data:
  • Voltage Breakdown and Overhead Underground Analysis
  • Network Maps
  • Listings of Grid Interconnections


All of the figures are in US dollars and are crucial to understand the Electricity T&D market, which consequently aids businesses to form strategies and improve the standing of their company.


The database is where the facts and figures can be found and this document works in tandem with the report. The report serves the purpose of giving a background and historical overview of the Electrical Supply Industry. It examines the present state of the industry and casts its gaze to the future to form an idea of what will happen within the market in the next few years. The report also includes explanations of the different sectors covered in the database. Finally, the report includes a full breakdown of the NRG Expert methodology for acquiring the data that can be found in the Transmission and Distribution Database and Report.


To conclude on a practical note, NRG Expert’s Transmission and Distribution Database and Report is a sound investment as an energy resource. It can take a business to the next level and help to increase profits through better developed strategies. The price of the product is £4,995 but can also be purchased in Euros or US Dollars (please enquire with NRG Expert for the prices in these currencies). The report and database can be purchased in electronic format, or can be bought as a hard copy. If you opt for a hard copy then please be aware that a delivery charge will apply.


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