IEA Tells Governments to Increase Energy Efficiency

Energy-Efficiency.jpgThe International Energy Agency (IEA) has told national governments that they must do more to strengthen their energy efficiency policies. If global governments do not take measures to implement more policies and continue to work towards a green future, energy efficiency will plateau or even decrease.


A new report released by the IEA has shown that energy intensity fell by 1.8% in 2016. Energy intensity is the amount of energy used per unit of GDP. This suggests that the same amount of energy was generating more value than in previous years.


In comparison with 2000, the world could have used 12% more energy had it not been for the multitude of energy efficiency policies put in place by governments. This is a huge achievement for easing some of the pressure off the global energy market. However, it is important that countries don’t start getting complacent.


It is believed that around 68% of global energy use is occurring unrestricted by various codes and standards, designed to ensure energy efficiency. Furthermore, the development of new policies to aid the situation is moving at its slowest rate in years.


Right now, we are on the brink of all kinds of technological breaks through so it is paramount that we do not stop introducing new energy efficiency policies. Experts say that stalling now would seriously damage the progress that has been made so far.


The Executive Director of the IEA, Faith Birhol, noted that the slowing down with regards to the implementation of new policies started in 2016 and has carried on throughout 2017.  This clearly shows that governments are becoming less concerned with energy efficiency policies.


Birhol also emphasised the importance of countries calling out nations who allow energy use to go unregulated by efficiency codes and standards.


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